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New Music Tuesday #26

October 13, 2009

Hey all,

It’s been a crazy week. My blog was down for a few hours Saturday night (for reasons unknown) and I’ve been working like crazy to get my personal artwork (as well as a few other things) up and going.
I want to say thanks to all of you who are visiting and commenting on the great art that I showcase, it’s always good to hear from you. 🙂

I’ve got some great music recommends this week that include an advance track from Absent Elk as well as some earlier September releases that I stumbled upon in my search.
You’ll notice in this weeks line-up…a new album from the hugely famous 80’s “new-wave” band Echo and the Bunnymen for all you wavers out there.
I’m always a little skeptical when it comes to great artists of the past plugging away admirably to stay relevant with todays music lovers, only to find the once great spark has dimmed a bit. But I’m here to tell you that this Echo album is truly fantastic. It’s just what you would expect (and hope) from old masters of their craft.

Take a minute and have a listen to this weeks picks.

The Molotovs

Artist: The Molotovs
Album: And the Heads Did Roll (6 track mini)
Release Date: September 22nd, 2009
Track Title: One up on me

Myspace…The Molotovs


Animal Kingdom1

Artist: Animal Kingdom
Album: Signs and Wonders
Release Date: September 29th, 2009
Track Title: Chalk Stars

Myspace…Animal Kingdom


Land of Talk

Artist: Land of Talk
Album: Fun and Laughter Ep
Release Date: October 13th, 2009
Track Title: A Series of Small Flames

Myspace…Land of Talk


Absent Elk

Artist: Absent Elk
Album: Caught in the Headlights
Release Date: October 18th, 2009
Track Title: That’s All

Myspace…Absent Elk


E&TBM Fountain cover FINAL_E&TB Fountian FINAL

Artist: Echo and the Bunnymen
Album: The Fountain
Release Date: October 13th, 2009
Track Title: Forgotten Fields

Myspace…Echo and the Bunnymen


Horse Shoes

Artist: Horse Shoes
Album: The Emperial School
Release Date: September 22nd, 2009
Track Title: Keep Believing

Myspace…Horse Shoes


My Robot Friend

Artist: My Robot Friend
Album: Soft-Core
Release Date: October 13th, 2009
Track Title: By Your Side (Feat. Dean Wareham)

Myspace…My Robot Friend


Thanks guys and gals. Catch you next week for more.


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