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New Look!

September 30, 2009


Hey there guys and gals!
If you’re a returning visitor to this site you have most likely noticed a HUGE change.
The reason for this is that the past two years that this blog has been up and running I have kept it looking primarily the same, and I was thinking that it’s time for a new (better?) look.

My thoughts have always been that a dark colored (grey or black) site allows for better art display, which is how the site looked previously. The intention for this was that all the great art that I came across and blog about has seemed to stand out more, or “pop” (If you’ll pardon the expression) when you looked upon it while using the dark background. The drawback to all of this has of course been sacrificing easy reading and a brighter clean look. So I thought I would switch over and attempt to get your thoughts on the matter.

If you would, please throw a word or two in the comment area and let me know what you think of this brighter look. You’ll have to pardon my dust as I still have some fixing to do for the things that didn’t seem to transfer well in the switch, but all in all…you get the idea.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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  1. Anonymous permalink
    September 30, 2009 8:47 pm

    Looks Great!!

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