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Ripple Reader

August 19, 2009




Being an artist, I have always had the notion to take a crack at writing and/or illustrating a childrens book. For a year or so now I have been receiving a news letter from the Children Writing Resource that helps artists and authors of all stages to realize their visions.
Yesterday I received some info on a web program called “Ripple Reader” that made me hit my head and think “Why didn’t someone (I) think of this before now!”

So, What is Ripple?

Ripple is a web-based audio player that will be available to consumers in Fall 2009. For $10 or less, an adult can use it to make a personalized audio recording of a picture book for a designated child. Kids use it to listen to these custom recordings over and over. Longdistance grandparents, for example, can use Ripple to read stories to their grandchildren. Soldiers and traveling businesspeople can read to their kids back home. Teachers can utilize it to enhance literacy instruction.
Participation in Ripple is free to authors and publishers. You earn $1 every time a recording of your book is sent to a child. For example, if grandma records your book and sends the recording to three grandchildren, you earn $3. This is on top of money you make from selling your physical books. Through press releases, advertising and social marketing, Ripple’s message will reach millions of consumers and thousands of institutional buyers, expanding your reach. School and library markets will have a vested interest in buying books that are part of Ripple (we are providing schools and libraries a way to use Ripple for fundraising).

Cool Huh?
I hear that the program is still in testing stages but you can view a demo of how it all works and register early at their website here…Ripple Reader.

There is also The CBI Clubhouse, an online childrens book insider readers site with lots of info here…
Check it out.


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