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Play Me, I’m Yours

July 23, 2009

Play me4

Play me1

Play Me3

Artist Luke Jerram started a program in o8′ titled “Play me, I’m your’s” where (with the help of others) he places street pianos out in public areas for the use of anyone strolling by and the courage to play. There’s something about listening to live piano music that seems to take you to another place, a good place. I love it.
I took this exerpt from their website.

Street pianos are appearing in cities across the world. Located in parks, squares, bus shelters and train stations, outside galleries, markets and on bridges and ferries, the pianos are for any member of the public to enjoy and claim ownership of.

Who plays them and how long they remain is up to each community. Each piano acts as sculptural, musical, blank canvas that becomes a reflection of the communities it is embedded into. Many pianos are personalised and decorated.

Take a look at this example of little Anthony playing Chopin Waltz in E Minor on one of 30 Street Piano’s across London. Amazing.

Here’s a link to the site for more info…Play Me, I’m Your’s


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