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Twilight Concert Series (July 23rd)

July 20, 2009

For all of you folks out there interested in free concerts, here’s what’s coming up this Thursday July 24th at the Gallivan center in Salt Lake City.
This week M. Ward and Land of Talk will be filling your ears with sweet sweet music.
I love M. Ward so I just might have to make the drive meself. I’ve posted a couple tunes below to give you a taste of what you’ll hear come Thusday.
I hope to see me there!

M.Ward With his seventh album, M. Ward secures his reputation as one of America’s distinctive
talents. His last three albums, Transfiguration of Vincent, Transistor Radio and Post-War
have struck a singular chord among music fans. His deft guitar picking, bar room
piano, and voice like drizzled honey have also made him a huge favorite of music
critics. M. Ward is renowned for his intricate production work, not only on his own
releases but also on Jenny Lewis’ much-lauded Rabbit Fur Coat.

(M. Ward – Post War)

Land of Talk Singer/songwriter/guitarist Elizabeth Powell set about making an album that
encompasses a great deal with very little. The result is a heartbreaking and fist
pumping album for Land of Talk’s Some are Lakes. It is a beautiful continuation of the
internal conversation Powell has been holding with herself since she began her musical
career, more than a decade ago. As a sign of things to come, Some Are Lakes is
inspiring and illustrates the simple truth that the simplest things are the hardest to make.

(Land of Talk – It’s OK)

Link to Twilight Concert info…TCS at the Gallivan Center


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