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Twilight Concert Series

July 14, 2009


If you call Salt Lake City (or any surrounding town or area) home, you might be familiar with the Twilight Concert Series started by the Salt Lake City Arts council, held on Thursday nights at the Gallivan Center with the added benefit of FREE admission.

Well, the Series is celebrating its twenty-second season in 2009 and there is a lot to look forward to so I thought I might try posting the up and coming shows to those of you who will be in the area.
If you’ve never been, I recommend checking it out for some great music and even greater fun.

This Thursday (July 16th) introduces The Black Keys and Human highway. If you don’t have any plans and can get away, head on down to check it out.

The Black KeyesRock & roll duo The Black Keys is praised by critics, fans, and musicians alike.
Dan and Patrick still live in Akron, Ohio and Magic Potion, in addition to being a pure
rock and roll record, serves as a raised glass to the band’s home town. As Dan says,
“The idea was for people to be able to sit on a porch in Akron with a can of beer and
blast the record through a boom box . . . people can depend on Pat and me to play
music and be around for life. We have to–it’s the only job skill we have.

Human HighwaySharing their name with a 1982 comedy film starring Neil Young, the Ontario, Canadabased
indie pop duo Human Highway formed in the early 2000s. Comprised of Nick
Thorburn (frontman for the eclectic indie pop group Islands) and Jim Guthrie (formerly
of Islands and Royal City), the band started while Guthrie was on tour with Islands, and
Thorburn asked him for help with a song called “My Beach.” Their style is influenced by
1960s and 1970s AM radio pop music — Guthrie has cited The Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison and The Kinks as
influences on the band’s sound. Human Highway released their debut album, Moody Motorcycle, in 2008,
showcasing the duo’s whimsical, doo-wop-infused, folky sound.

The series opened on July 9 and continues through August 27 at the Gallivan Center in downtown Salt Lake City. The concerts are free and begin at 7:00 p.m. Have Fun.

Here’s a link to get more info on what’s coming up and other little tidbits…2009 Twilight Concert Series


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