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New Music Tuesday

July 7, 2009

Well here it is another week gone by, they go so fast these days.
I’m going to keep it light as always, for the hours pass much too quickly for me these days.
So…here are this weeks picks…


This is Meese, four young chaps from Denver Colorado with their recently released album “Broadcast”.
This is the first I’ve heard of this band but the album had enough catchy tracks for me to want to throw a shout out for them. Admittedly they’re a touch of indie-pop, a pinch of alternative-pop and a little…well…pop-pop., but they pull it off very well, and so they deserve recognition in my book.

This track is titled “Forward Motion” and it seems to have a touch of a Bloc Party taste to it. Have a listen.


The Republic Tigers
The Republic Tigers

Well…itunes (it turns out) has chosen a few select musicians to record exclusive versions of songs that Frank Sinatra made famous, which happen to also include greats such as A Fine Frenzy, The Kooks, Maroon 5 and The Kills to mention a few.
This track in particular is by The Republic Tigers with their rendition of old blue eyes “The Impossible Dream”.

This group of great songs are unfortunately only available (so far) through itunes so if your hankerin to check out the others and don’t happen to have itunes (what!?) then…I’m affraid you might be SOL. Sorry.
If your lucky, they’ll throw all the tracks together and sell it in a more wide release later.
For now, listen to this…

Myspace…The Republic Tigers

Stardeath and White Dwarfs

This next band is a little hard to classify, but that’s what I think you’ll like about them. Each song on this album is different from the next but similar enough to keep your interest.
This album “The Birth” is their freshmen effort after the release of two singles and so far their on the right path in my book. Have a listen to my favorite track so far titled “Country Ballad”

Myspace…Stardeath and White Dwarfs

See you next week for more music. Thanks for droppin by.

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