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Wayne’s World…of Art

June 29, 2009

Wayne White4

Wayne White2

Wayne White

It’s been some time since I’ve come across an artist (or should I say art) that truly hits a “that’s great” chord with me until I came across this work from Wayne White.
Wayne takes old thrift store landscape lithographs and paints over them with words or phrases that usually make you smile, laugh or at the very least…scratch your head. As the story goes in his words…

“”…I decided to start painting traditional romantic American landscapes. I’d do historical scenes, giant Civil War battles, or a steamboat coming down a river. I taught myself traditional oil-painting techniques. The paintings started getting just a little weirder and a little weirder. I started putting monsters and stuff into them, but I kept the same realistic technique. And then one day I wanted to put a giant phrase in. I had one of those thrift-store landscape reproductions in the studio. I was going to take the picture out and just use the frame. But right before I did that, I looked at it and thought, Well, what would happen if I just used this ready-made landscape? It was kind of just an experiment.”

Much of his work can be seen by simply scouring the web (as I did) for info as a website seems non-existent, but you can see some more of his work by clicking his name above.



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