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New Music Tuesday

June 9, 2009


First up is from Canadian indie hip-hop artist Kheaven Brereton aka K-OS .

I came across K-os after the release of his last 07′ LP…”Atlantis” and I loved it! So today, while skimming around the web for music, I got it in my head to check for any new work from Kheaven…and happily came upon his 4th and latest LP “YES!”, so I snatched it up.
I’ll be honest, it’s rare that I look around for hip-hop in general but K-OS is one of those that stand out to me because of his masterful creation of songs…each with their own unique qualities. Some have a the sound of the blues, some have a touch of Jazz and some have taste of Reggae, but all…very good.

Check out this song called “Zambony”, my favorite so far.


The Hampdens
The Hampdens

This is indie pop trio The Hampdens from Perth, Australia – named after Hampden College in Donna Tartt’s novel “The Secret History”, which I find interesting as the book (I learned) focuses on a group of college kids embroiled in a pagan cult. (?)
This next song, titled “Croupier”, is off their EP of the same name just recently released in the US.
I don’t know much about this band but wanted to post this because I really love the natural and slightly gritty vocals of Susannah Legge.
If you like this song, I recommend checking out more as the EP contains 3 other very nice tracks.
Have a listen.

Myspace…The Hampdens

The Legends
The Legends 2

Here is alternative electronica band The Legends of whom I’ve posted about previously here…
Get up Get going and here…New Music Tuesday
with their newest incarnation “Over and Over”.
As you can guess, I am enamored with The Legends. Even though some of their work can ride the line between being down right irritating (because of the white noise they thrust into a few of their tracks) to exquisitly beautiful and soothing – I can’t seem to turn them off.
Check out this song titled “Turn Away”.


Canyon Country
Canyon Country 2

Ok folks, here’s another one of those “new to me” additions.
This album by the mysterious band Canyon Country came out in the ancient days of 05′. I say mysterious because I can’t find a single word on these guys/gals/animals/aliens – save that their from Van Nuys, California.
If anyone out there can offer some info, I would much appreciate it.
At any rate this is album is FANTASTIC. Perfect for a warm evening, laying on the hood of your car star gazing…event. Beautifully done and calm on the ears.
I only wish there were more.
This track is off their album “There’s a Forest in the Fire” called “Safe”.
Have a listen.

Myspace…Canyon Country

That’s all folks! Check back soon for more updates.


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