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New Music Tuesday

June 2, 2009

Hey all!
Well…this is my first New Music Tuesday since the break so I’ve got to make it extra special, and by that I mean…more music. I think you’ll notice with this edition that I’ve tried to include some auditory bliss that spans a wider gap than my usual, as my music tastes tend to ebb and flow with very undefinable borders lately.
So let us dispense with the small talk and get right to it shall we.

Two Door Cinema Club
Two Door Cinema Club

First up is electro-pop band Two Door Cinema Club from Bangor, Northern Ireland off their “Something good can work” single released this past April. I must warn you though…this song is quirky, catchy and a little bit poppy. It sounds best coming out of your speakers really loud, perhaps after just waking up to jump in the shower…or driving to the beach on a sunny summer day.
But fair warning…If you’re feeling a little cantankerous and crabby, than this has the possibility to either make you feel a little better…or make you feel a lot worse (dependent upon your daily indie-pop intake ratio). HA HA HA…
Have a listen.

Myspace…Two Door Cinema Club.


Ok so…this is not so new, but it is to me, and it’s really good.
The next song comes from Lydia, a trio from NY, New York off their September 08′ release “Illuminate”.
I’ll try to keep it real and say that…this is indeed a rainy day album, though chalked full of some really great music.
I choose this song in particular because it seems to start and end in two completely different places.
Plus, you get to hear a lot of beautiful vocal work from Mindy White, the bands backup vocalist.
There’s really not one bad song on this album, so if you have the means, I recommend picking it up.

This song is called “Now the one you once loved is leaving”.


Matt and Kim
Matt and Kim

You may have heard this next song and didn’t even know it.
This is musical greatness duo Matt and Kim from Brooklyn, NY with the next song “Daylight”. You may have heard it in a couple of commercials (Bacardi Mojito in particular) and wondered who it was.
Well guess what? I found out and It’s FREE for download here…Greenlabelsound if you (like many) love it.
It’s another one of those poppy summer drive songs that sounds good LOUD!
I may even go so far as to say that…some of you may even hate to like this one, but like me, you just can’t help it. Have a listen and try to keep from movin.

Learn more about their full length release “Grand” as well as other tid-bits at their Myspace here…
Matt and Kim.

British Sea Power
British Sea Power

Next is from alternative pop band British Sea Power who have recently released an all instrumental album recorded as the soundtrack to the renowned 1934 film “The Man of Aran” which (as you can see) is the albums title as well. I choose this because it’s simply beautiful and calming.

I must admit though, I have yet to see the classic film and was surprised while listening to the album having no knowledge of it’s use as a soundtrack…and I loved it.
If your in the mood for some soothing background tones, or simply need some time to relax, throw this album on to your prefered music listening device and drift away.

The title of this particular track (oddly enough) is “Women of Aran”.

Myspace…British Sea Power

Paolo Nutini
Paolo Nutini

Here is a great song from an old favorite of mine Paolo Nutini from Paisley, Scotland off his new release “Sunny Side Up”.
It’s tone is not unlike a throw-back to the great rock and roll sounds of the 50’s and 60’s.
Paolo comes across as an old soul romantic, sometimes blissfully happy, sometimes broken and poetic with his gravely voice that gives you the illusion that he must be old in his years despite his young looks.
If you like this song than this album cannot be missed. It’s highs and lows keep you constantly wondering what the next track will have in store. I can tell you now that it will remind me of summer 09′ for many years.

This song is called “No other way”.

Myspace…Paolo Nutini

Vib Gyor
Vib Gyor

Here is strangely named Vib Gyor, a slightly emo sounding pop band from I don’t know where.
I was recommended them by the i-tunes bot, so I gave them a listen and liked what I heard. So here it is.

The thing I love most about this album is that most of the songs (despite their similar qualities to each other) are really good. This five member troope really seem to know how to put the hooks into their work.
As you’ll hear, they sound like a mixture of a bunch of different bands you’ve heard all rolled into one, and they do it really well.
The album is “We are not an Island”, The song is “Tiny Daggers”.

Myspace…Vib Gyor

So…there you have it. I have much much more to offer, so check back next Tuesday to get your new music fix. Or…come back sooner to gawk at all the great art and creativity floating around out there.
Thanks for visiting.

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