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New Music Tuesday

March 3, 2009

Not much to say at this point except that I thank you all for visiting and your support. I hope you enjoy the music.

Here’s to the future!

Say Hi

My first recommend is from Seattle Washington band “Say Hi (…)” from todays release “Oohs and Aahs“. I have been a fan of this band for a while now and if you like this album, I recommend checking out some of their earlier work as well (especially the album Immpecable Blahs which is my favorite). This song is called “November was white, December was Grey“.

Myspace…Say Hi.

Friendly Fires

Next comes from an ep out today from St Albans U.K. band”Friendly Fires“. I’m not a huge fan of posting songs from ep’s, especially if the ep only contains different versions of the same song…BUT, I really like this song, so here it is. It’s called “Skeleton Boy” and it’s one of my more upbeat selections this week so, if you can, turn it up!

Myspace…Friendly Fires.

The Antlers

Here is a new band that I came across today on itunes. They’re “The Antlers” from Brooklyn New York.
Their sound is very distinct and beautiful. I listened intently to each song on the album, and despite the experimental or…”unique” sound of some of the albums creations, I loved it! They seem to know (very well) how to inject emotion and life into their work.
It was sort of like hearing “Muse” for the first time. Wonderful.
Check out this song off the album “Hospice” titled “Kettering“, I think you’ll enjoy.

(This song starts out quiet but trust me…it’s worth it.)

Myspace…The Antlers.

Bell X1

Well, here’s my favorite for today, Irelands BELL X1 (named after the first plane to break the sound barrier), from the new album “Blue Lights on the Runway
I love this band.
I came across these folks a while back while living in Salt Lake City after hearing one of their tunes (Eve the Apple of my Eye) on the contentious television show “The O.C.” (A guilty pleasure from a previous life) and have been recommending them ever since. This new album, although not great at first, really grows on you. Really. Have a listen to my favorite so far “Light Catches Your Face“.

Myspace…Bell X1.

Well, that’s it for this week. Come visit next week to hear a preview of the anticipated new release from The Veils. You’ll love it.
Until next time, See ya!


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