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New Music Tuesday

February 17, 2009

Well, here’s this weeks recommendations from yours truly. I just returned from a great vacation in Virginia and ended up finding a lot of great stuff in the down time of playing. HEE HEE.
So…here ya go!

Harley and the Night

Here we have the recently released Ep from former White Light Motorcade member Harley DiNardo with his latest project Harley and the Night. I’m going to keep it simple (as always) and say that I love this ep simply titled “Side A“. Check out this great sample song titled “Make up“.

Myspace…Harley and the Night.

Brakes Brakes Brakes

Check out this sample song from Brighton UK band Brakes Brakes Brakes off their soon to be released (April 21st) album “Touchdown”. From what I’ve heard of this album so far, I think I’ll save the date, as you should too. Have a listen to “Crush on you“.

Myspace…Brakes Brakes Brakes.

The Devoted Few

This is The Devoted Few, a six member band from Australia who have a really great sound that shouldn’t be missed.
Their recently released album “Baby, your a Vampire” that, I’ve found, is only available through Itunes UK, which is a bummer but not entirely impossible to get your hands on. I recommend giving them a look as there weren’t many songs on this album that I didn’t find at the very least…quite pleasing.
Listen to this song “You & Me & Everyone else we Know”, which is mellow but beautifully done.

Website…The Devoted Few.

The Appleseed Cast

Here is Lawrence, Kansas indie band “The Appleseed Cast” with their new release “Sagarmatha“.
This band has really come a long way from their previous very emo sounding work, to the now inventive, intricate drumming and subtle guitar arpeggios. Aside from the previous Devoted recommendation, this album is my favorite new release so far. Many songs on the album seem great works of art that include long and beautiful instumental work as well as impassioned vocals.
If you’ve got the time, check out this great track titled “As the Little Things Go“.

Myspace…The Appleseed Cast.

That’s it for now folks. Talk to you soon.


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