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Been Away Super Fantastic New Music Tuesday

February 10, 2009

Hi All!!
It’s been a while. I have been working too much apparently and…although I love the money (who wouldn’t), I’ve missed out on my posting.
Well…I have February off so I can devote some time to the blog. Cool huh?
I thought I would start off with a larger than usual “New Music Tuesday” (once again) as reparations for my long absence. I would also like to note that I have a lot of saved art and some more t-shirt designs that I have located (and created)…so I will be getting those up in the very near future as well.
So let’s get started…

Black Gold

First comes from Brooklyn NY duo..”Black Gold” from their debut album “Rush” released in stores on Feb 2nd.
Black gold’s Eric Ronick and Than Luu met while playing with different bands (they worked individually for Panic at the Disco, Ambulance LTD, M. Ward, Boredoms, etc.) and created this album in the breaks from playing gigs.
This song is called “Canyon”.

Myspace…Black Gold


The next is from Leeds, UK band “Grammatics” off their self titled debut. As stated on their website…this album isn’t set to release until March 23rd though I found it here…Golden Mp3 (I guess) fairly early.
They say of themselves on their Myspace…

Grammatics formed around April 2006 in a terraced house basement just outside Leeds city centre. We soon found that we share many mutual loves…argument, doing things in the most difficult possible manner and general pretentiousness. We are all deluded with grandeur. We write songs faster than we can learn them, rarely repeat song sections without warping them into something different and attempt to utilise any instruments we can find regardless of quality or tone. Grammatics are a stylistically diverse band and like to hop though most of the genres related to indie-rock. Maybe we are stylistically incoherent. Maybe we are self-indulgent. Hopefully we will please the ears of those susceptible to that kind of nonsense. Maybe you’ll like our music…we don’t especially care if you don’t, otherwise it would hurt…The danger’s where you care…

I purchased this album and listened to it while out for a run (as I often do) and loved it’s sound. I recommend checking it out.
This song is titled “Murderer”.


Telefon Tel Aviv

Here is a sad story.
This next song comes from New Orleans, Louisiana duo “Telefon Tel Aviv” from their January 23 release “Immolate Yourself”, which also happens to be the same date that lead Charles Wesley went missing only to be found dead the next day.
Telefon Tel Aviv have been around for some time with many great albums under their belt. It was sad to hear this news as I wonder what the future hold for this creation.
Their sound is a unique mixture of ambient electro with brooding sweeping vocals. If your in the right mood, you may find them…blissful. This sample song is called “Helen of Troy”.

Myspace…Telefon Tel Aviv

Cotton Jones

And now for something completely different.
This sample is from Maryland group “Cotton Jones” from their Jan 27th release Paranoid Cocoon. This band is much more folk pop sounding than I’m usually drawn to, but I simply lovethis album. I’ve been playing it at work and have loved to have it’s mellow sound floating in the background.
Have a listen to this song “I am the Changer”. If your anxious or stressed… it should certainly cool your jets.

Myspace…Cotton Jones.


Here is a new release from a previously blogged about band (Sunsets and Starry Nights) called “Faunts” from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. This album titled “Feel, Love, Thinking, Of.” is set for wide release on Feb 17th though I found that you are already able to purchase the songs via itunes! Cool!
I don’t think the album compares to their earlier work but it’s still very good, not to metion the great album cover. I’ll let you decide for yourself, have a listen to the albums title track…


The Boxer Rebellion

Here is the sophmore effort from UK band “The Boxer Rebellion” Ttitled “Union” released in early January.
I stummbled upon this band while searching for some new music having been unaware of even their previous release (poor me). Their sound (though not unique) is very easy listening and suttle. If your familiar with the band “The Ugly Suit” (I’ll where it anytime.), than you should really enjoy Boxer’s work…as (I feel) they seem to sound similar.
Here’s their song called “Misplaced“.

Myspace…The Boxer Rebellion.

Wild Light

This recommendation is from New Hampshire residence “Wild Light” off their Ep “Adult Nights“. This too is set for release on Feb 17th and is alsoavailable for purchase on itunes early. Also Cool.
This song simply named “New Hampshire” is my favorite on the ep and makes me excited for stuff to come.
Have a listen.

Myspace…Wild Light.

Steve Cradock

And last…a selection from the album by UK artist Steve Cradock off his album “The Kundalini Target“. Steve Cradock, you should know, is most notable for playing in the rock group Ocean Colour Scene. Cradock is also the second guitarist in Paul Weller’s band, having appeared on all of Weller’s solo records following Weller’s self titled debut album.
I came across this album purely by accident and I’m glad I did. Listen to this sample song called “On and On“. Great stuff.

Myspace…Steve Cradock.

Well, that’s it for now. Check back soon for some more great art and music! Sorry again for the delay and thanks for the visit.


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