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New Music (to me) Tuesday

January 13, 2009

Hey all, as you can tell, I’ve been working a lot lately…unfortunately it has kept me from posting. I hope you will all forgive me. I’m sitting here tired at days end and pressing on to offer up some great new music to you all. I have to say though, due to a lack of brand brand new music worthy of posting, I’ve opted to post a few 2008 releases. Although, I hope that (like me) some of this will indeed be “new” to you. So…let’s get started.


The first comes from the highly anticipated solo project from Daphne Loves Derby front-man Kenny Choi titled Wolftron. His new record Flesh & Fears released in April of 2008 taps into the newly discovered raw sound of Choi’s psyche.
I loved this album immediately upon hearing it. Have a listen to this song called Crystal Skull.


The Presets

Next comes from Sydney, Australian band The Presets off the September 08 released album “Apocolypso“. I actually tracked this song down after hearing it in Midnight Club Los Angeles (a video game) and fell for it. I’m going to keep it short and just say…TURN IT UP.
This songs is titled “Kicking and Screaming”. Have a listen.

Myspace…The Presets.

The Gay Blades

This is the album “Ghosts” by NYC band The Gay Blades released (also) last September. This is another one that slipped through the cracks for me, which is really too bad because I really love their sound. Give a listen to my favorite so far…”Hey She Say“. Also, one song is not enough to really get a good idea of the sound of this album. I recommend checking out more than what I have to offer.I think you’ll like it.

Myspace…The Gay Blades.

Gran Ronde

My final selection is from Los Angeles band Gran Ronde off their April release Secret Rooms.
This is my most “pop” sounding album of the Tuesday selections, but very good non-the-less.
This song is called “Gold”, a great ballad from the album.

Myspace…Gran Ronde.

Well that’s it for now, I’m going to rest these tired eyes. Have a good week everyone.

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