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December 9, 2008



Well, I’m just getting started but… I’m getting into the T-Shirt business… Hee Hee Hee. As of lately I’ve been taking some of my very own graphic designs and having them made into something to throw on your back. It’s quite addicting you know. I currently have but 2 designs available, though there are more to come, so keep a look out.
Also, I’ve even purchased one myself so I will throw it on, take a photo…and post it up for y’all in case you need to see the way that they wear (or maybe you just get your kicks looking at photos of people wearing t-shirts. It’s certainly your prerogative).

Also, for those of you interested, I’m at work building a virtual/local artist collective “Noble Artist Network” blog that those interested can use to discuss and display their work as well as getting information on local and virtual events related to anything art. It should be really fun if your looking for info or just a more social interaction with the artistic community. It’s still in it’s beginning stages but moving quickly. I will be offering more info in the weeks to come. Drop me a line for any ideas or questions.

For now, ponder how good you will look while trapesing around town with your envious friends while wearing your new art inspired and cosmopolitan duds.

Go here if your interested…MySoti Tommyfox’s Products.
Thanks everyone.

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