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New Music Tuesday

December 9, 2008

Well here’s this weeks music recommendations. I’ve been really busy with all my Christmas art projects so I apologize for any late or missing posting. Have fun listening.

Electric Owls

First is comes from Asheville North Carolina’s Electric Owls ep “Magic Show” which was released early last month. I had listened to this ep closer to it’s release but it seems, in haste or for whatever reason, I passed it by. Hmmmmm, it makes me wonder about the moods I’m in when listening to music and how often I over-look great stuff. I was hunting around itunes and came across it once more only to find bliss in my ears.
Have a listen to this lyrically creepy but strangely beautiful song titled “Cannibal Superstar“. As far as I can tell it’s about a guy who kills his wife to eat her…
…I know…craaaaaazy, but good.

Myspace…Electric Owls.

Chester French

Next is from a couple of young chaps called Chester French off their “She loves Everybody” Ep (and…yes, that is a condom). These guys, from Cambridge Massachusetts, have a catchy Beatle-esqe pop sound that I really liked the moment I heard it. The Ep (as many do) consists of a few different versions of only couple songs….but they are certainly great in their creation.
Listen to the title track from said ep. I think you’ll enjoy.

Myspace…Chester French.

Myster Jets

If you haven’t heard of them yet…this next alt-pop sounding album from UK troupe “Mystery Jets” is not to be missed. If nothing else you can check out their Myspace to have a look at their Flock of Seagulls, Tears for Fears, Thompson Twin’s look. HA HA HA…I love it.
This song is called “Two Doors down” and was my first fav on the album “Twenty One“.

Myspace…Mystery Jets.

Dustin Kensrue

I thought I would try to throw in a little holiday music to keep with the season. I found this on itunes and it seemed appropriate for my Christmas addition. As you may know, it’s quite difficult to find Christmas music performed by artists in my particular prefered genre of listening pleasure. You have to step a little outside your comfort zone to locate it. If I’m wrong, drop me a message and I will be happy to take a look (or listen).
This , my favorite Christmas diddy, …is from a folk-rock artist from Orange County California named Dustin Kensrue…oh, you’ve heard of him, I hadn’t. His Christmas album “This good night is still everywhere” is chalked full of a bunch of great classics. You should check it out.
Here’s Oh Holy Night.

Myspace…Dustin Kensrue.

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