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New Music Tuesday

December 2, 2008

Well, I’ve been away for some time…sorry. As stated before, I was in Texas with family, and upon returning, I seem to have caught a nasty little cold. Although…It finally looks like it’s on the down swing, so I thought I would gather my thoughts, climb out of bed and attempt to get back to posting.

So…I was looking through all of my usual music avenues from the past two weeks and it’s been really scarce as far as greatness goes. I was hopping to offer up another “super-sized” music post as amends for my absence…but…there is just not that much that I would feel comfortable showcasing.
I did however find a few great gems in the lot, …so I guess I’ll get started.


The first comes from an ep of a band I have previously blogged (Kyte Flying) named…obviously…”Kyte”, a five member group from Leicestershire, United Kingdom. This ep “Two Sparks, Two Stars” was released in the UK on December 1st and like there previous full length recording, I love it.
Have a listen to this track titled “Bridges in the Sky”.

BTW, This ep also contains a cover song of Peter Gabriel’s “Solsbury Hill” which (normally) I might think is a bad idea, although their rendition comes across beautifully.

Their Myspace…Kyte


Next is also from a previously blogged band (Get up, get going) from Stockholm, Sweden named “The Legends”. This is also an ep and (I have to say)…I can’t decide if it’s irritating or beautiful. Two of the three songs on the ep seems to have a mask of reverb and static covering their more usual electro-rock sounding tune. I have to admit, I think most of you may find that the two tracks are difficult to take in.
I’ve included this song simply because I’m a huge fane of The Legends and I think you might find this third track on the ep…much more appealing.
It’s titled “Over and Over”. Have a listen.

Myspace…The Legends.


This next album is by Berlin, Germany resident “The Future Loop Foundation” titled “The Fading Room: Memeories and Remixes” and headed by a solo musician Mark Barrot. This album was released in April of this year and (you will find) is chalked full of great instrumental sounds.

Also, you might find this interesting…It says of this album on his website…
“The Fading Room: Memories and Remixes is constructed using recordings from family interviews that have laid dormant in an attic somewhere in the north of England for almost a quarter of a century. Amassed back in Mark’s childhood days, the vocal snippets document a simpler existence, when family took pride of place in the carefree mind of a teenager.”

This song is called “Sunshine Philosophy”.

Website…The Future Loop Foundation.

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