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New Music Tuesday (super-sized)

November 18, 2008

Wow. Sorry about the short hiatus. It’s been a little busy in my world.
I’m working on some new pieces and I’m trying to dedicate more time to them. I’m excited to get some new work posted, it’s been a while. I’ll keep everyone updated on the progress as I continue. It shouldn’t be long now.

Anywho..It’s new music Tuesday and because of my absence I’ve decided to super-size today’s post of the great sounds that I’ve found.
If I can get this post finished in good time…I’ll try to add some new art that I have located as well. I don’t want y’all to think this is turning into a “music only” affair. So let’s get to it…


The first is from a Detriot, Michigan based outfit named “Deastro” from their new album “Keepers“. I hadn’t heard of them previously and only just found out about them today though I really enjoy this collection of work. Listen to this sample song from said album titled “Shaded Forests“. I really think you’ll like it.



Next comes from an album that was released a little earlier this year that somehow slipped through my fingers. It’s from New York artist “Sia” off the album “Some people have real problems“. I’m sure I had stumbled upon this previously, though I’m not sure why I passed by it.
Perhaps it’s due to my dislike of artists who put their photo on the cover of their album. I don’t know why but if your going to put a photo of yourself on the cover of your album…, in my view, it had better be something unique.
Anyway, if your like me, don’t let that discourage you from checking this album out, it is truly great. Her sound is not unlike a mixture between Amy Winehouse and Fiona Apple although (I think) much softer and intimate. I am actually pleased with this entire album so after listening to these samples, go check out the rest.

Also included in this set is a track from her 2006 release “Colour the Small One“. I caught an ear full recently in a preview that I was watching…which led me in her direction in the first place. I liked it so much that I had to include it here. It’s called “Breath Me”. If (like me) you enjoy her sound I think you will really like these works.

I Go To Sleep

Breathe Me.

Myspace…Sia Music


Here’s a song from Icelandic artist “Sin Fang Bous” from the album “Clangour” released just today. Again, I don’t know much about this artist, I found him while browsing around itunes and really enjoyed what I heard from those lame thirty second samples (they should be a little longer), so I decided to snag a few.
Have a listen to this track titled “We Belong” and let me know what you think.
BTW, Here is a perfect example of a unique picture of yourself on an album cover. No? That is…if it is him sitting there…hmmmmmmmm.

Myspace…Sin Fang Bous


Fourth…comes a track from a previously showcased artist “Alaska in Winter“…(The Homeless and the Hummingbird), From the latest album “Holiday“.
I really enjoy the stuff that creator Brandon Bethancourt churns out. If nothing else it’s truly unique in it’s beauty. (Side note for those interested) Brandon hails from New Mexico, USA though this album was recorded where he’s currently residing…Berlin, Germany. For some reason …I think it fits. :- )
Listen to this long titled sample…”Keep your boots clean and everything you step on is dirt

Myspace…Alaska in Winter


Aaaaaaand Finally, We have Canadian rock group “Elias” from their recent released album “All We Want“. This is a more mainstream pop sound than the previous mentioned artists and frankly, that’s why I added it. I like to touch a few bases.
Here’s their albums secret track titled “Miles Ahead“. Enjoy.


Well, that’s it for now. I’ll try to get some great art up soon. Until next time…


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