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New Music Tuesday

November 11, 2008

Well, it’s new music Tuesday…and I’m sorry to say that I only have a couple of choice recommendations for you. After wandering around the web a while I was a little worried that there wasn’t much out there to hear, but after a little searching…I found some really great stuff.


My first selection is by the New York group “Longwave” from their new album “Secrets are sinister”…duh.
This is their fourth studio album after a three year hiatus…and truly my favorite so far. They seam to have expanded their dynamic “shoegaze” sound to a whole different level of any previous work that I’ve heard.
Have a listen to the albums title track, I think you’ll enjoy.



The next comes from a Canadian band many of you may already know. “Stars” It seams, since the release of 2007’s “In our bedroom after the War“, has found their way into every body’s top ten of the indie pop scene.
This next song come from their new ep “Sad Robots” which (to tell you the truth) I like a little better then their after the war album.
They seam to have moved back into the electronic pop sound of their earlier albums from the rock-based instumentation of the more recent. It makes me excited for the future.

Listen to this track titled “A thread cut with a carving knife”


Until next time…

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