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New Music Tuesday

November 4, 2008

Well, being as though the weather is turning, I decided to offer a few relaxing (perhaps a little cloudy) tunes to match. It’s raining here in my neck of the woods, so on this crazy election day, I thought I might try to relax myself with some good music. So let’s get started…


My first recommendation comes from Portland, Oregon based group “Helios” off their new album Caesura. Although…this album confuses me, It’s available on itunes already and yet it states all over the web that it won’t be available until November 11th. (?)
I have a lot of their previous work and I’m excited that they’re still moving along, so I guess I shouldn’t question it.
I really love listening to their stuff when I’m working as it sort of just sits there in the background and every once in a while…their sound pulls you away for a much needed break. Have a listen to this beautiful track titled “Come with Nothings”.



Next is an album I just discovered from another Portland based artist called “Lackthereof“. I believe this album came out in January of this year so it pains me to have only found out recently. Listen to this track off the album “Your Anchor” titled
“Ask Permission”. I think you’ll like it.



This next one is from a band called Army Navy and though I’m a fan of this band, I found this particular tune on a tribute to The Cure album titled “Perfect as Cats”.
Now…being a huge fan of The Cure all throughout highschool, I simply had to check it out. This album has so many great songs on it that it was hard to choose just one…but in the end, there can only be one. If you like their sound I also recommend checking out their debut album.
Here’s their tribute of the song “Jumping someone else’s train

Myspace…Army Navy

So there you have it! I hope all of you are out there voting away (If you haven’t already that is). Here’s to a better tomorrow.


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