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New Music Tuesday!

October 21, 2008

Well, today I’m going to start this post at the TOP of it all. It’s new music Tuesday and instead of many seperate posts, I’ve decided to lump them all in together…so let’s get to it…

First off we have the “White Lies” ep release titled “Death“.
White Lies claim Joy Division, the Teardrop Explodes and Echo & the Bunnymen as key influences. Indeed, the dark-edged trio are so committed to the U.K. post-punk scene that the young London trio signed to Fiction Records, a Polydor imprint best known for its ’80s releases by the Cure and the Associates.
I love this ep and if you fancy free stuff, you can check out their website here…White Lies and download a free song for simply signing up to their mailing list!
Mark my words…these guy’s will be big…get it while it’s hot!

Listen to the ep title track “Death”, I know you’ll love it. And for heavens sake…TURN IT UP!

Next we have The Dears latest album Missles
It says of the band on their website…

“The Dears have not gone away and come back, but they have been transformed: by experience, by necessity, by life and its manifold curveballs. And with their new album, MISSILES, they have emerged as elder statesmen of the Canadian indie rock renaissance. They have been to awards shows and have been nominated for prizes, they have shared the stage with musical heroes, and they have sold out shows around the world. They have been recognized, mythologized, and eulogized. They have returned home to Montreal triumphant, and they have suffered defeat. But with defeat as their muse, they have grown and matured. And they have decided to stay.

I purchased their last album “Gang of Losers” in 06′ and loved it…so how can I put this as plainly as possible…this one is better…hmmmm, that was easy.
Have a listen to this track from said album titled “Berlin Heart”.

Website…The Dears.

Next we have the debut album from Los Angeles based The Little Ones titled Morning Tide. This band is a huge breath of fresh air in the mediocrity so often found in the indie music scene today. Their light and intelligently simple sound is (to me) refreshing in these times.
I’m aware that this sounds like an awfully serious, minimalistic music review for a freshmen indie band, but I really like this album and hope for more good things in the future.
Here’s a sample track titled “Farm song

Their Myspace…We Are the Little Ones.

And finally we have…The New Year.
Their first new material in four years. Lyrically, these ten songs address the interlocked themes of lost time, frustrated desire, and the need for others. Although musically these may be the group’s most varied songs – for a band that made innovative use of three guitars, almost half the songs here are built around the piano. This sample song titled “Folios” is among the lyrically powerful songs on the album.
This song has a long build so if you’ve got the time…try to respect it’s nature and give it it’s due..I try to pick the best of the litter.

Their website…The New Year.

Ciao all.

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