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Purity Under The Radar

October 9, 2008

As mentioned in a previous post… it seems as though this decade has been dedicated to imitating previous times past…the time in question lately is of coarse the 80’s. Since the release of The KillersHot Fuss” album (which I think garnered the most exposure for it’s sound), we have seen the likes of many bands i.e. Teenage Bad Girl, Justice…etc, taking some of the spotlight for their rendition of this new style of old sound.
Well just underneath the radar lurk a few bands dedicated to this sound who have revived the true purity of John Hugh’s Rock. A collection of these bands have come together to perform as one party known as “Valerie“. Suppliers to the Valerie sound include members of The Outrunners, Anoraak, College, Mathelvin and Minitel Rose and more recently Parallels and Aedyhawke.
I’ve posted a few examples of their rich and pure sound below. All albums and Ep’s have been released this year. The song titles are noted above the player. Get em’ while their hot!

Anoraak’s “Never Ending Romance Disaster (NERD)”

College “The Drone”

Minitel Rose “Better Days Part 2”

Links to their Myspace…
Minitel Rose


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