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Prayers, Secrets and…Art

October 8, 2008

I stumbled across this website and thought that I would share. I’m aware that it’s principle has little to do with art per se…but I thought that the photography that is pictured with each “prayer” was what made the site lovely and inviting. I find it strange though that I feel slightly as if I’m prying while reading at (what seam to be) such personal thoughts. Is it a practice too personal to publish? Hmmmmmmmm.
Check out the site here…Dear-God.

If you simply need to get something off your chest while getting a little artsy… and the prayer form is not your cup of tea, there’s always “Post Secret“. It’s been around for a while and you might be familiar with it already. It’s a site that posts the secrets that you send in displayed in an crafty fashion on postcards, ads…etc. There are some examples below. Some can be humorous and some are quite disturbing. The site has changed over the years but still carries the same basic premise. The link is below the photos.

Link…Post Secret.


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