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September 4, 2008

OK, so…I found this great band “The Dark Romantics“. From what I have learned, they started out as a couple of guy’s from previous outfits, Eric Collins (Denison Marrs) and Dean Paul (John Ralston Band), from the south east. TDR got started after they sent some song ideas to a friend in Southern California, after which said friend…agreed to record some demo tracks for them free of charge. AAAAAAND…somewhere along the way they attracted three other female artist to complete the band. In a nutshell.
Anyway, I really like their brooding, dark, eighties, poetry music sound.
This song is called “W.G.L.Y.” from their latest album “Heartbreaker“. I’m assuming the song title is an acronym for “Who’s Gonna Love You” as you will hear, But who knows with these dark romantic types, for all I know it could stand for “Witches Grow Lumpy Yaks” or “Which Gourds Look Yummy“…who knows.
But I do know that you’ll like it. Have a listen.

Here’s their website for those interested…The Dark Romantics.


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