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Been away

August 3, 2008

So…It’s been a while since I’ve posted.                                                                                                            A lot has happened in such a relatively short time. It’s seems I’ve acquired myself one of those (what do you call them?)… real jobs? HA HA HA… and it seems to be pulling me away from everything else, which (I guess) will take some getting used to. I sat down after today’s events and wondered if I should start getting on and posting “the good stuff” again. So…to answer that question, I have another song for you all to enjoy as (hopefully) the beginning of a regular Sunday installment. (I have to start slow you know.)

This is a song that I hadn’t heard it until recently, by the band Bloc Party. It’s named “Selfish Son” off the “I still remember” maxi single from thier latest album “A weekend in the city”, and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces of their work. Give it a listen to see if you feel the same. If you like Bloc Party (or any derivation), I’m sure you’ll love it.

Talk to ya soon. Ciao

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  1. Andrea Mulert permalink
    August 3, 2008 8:22 pm

    Welcome back, good friend!!
    Well worth the wait…great song!
    It’s good to know you are back to doing some of what you love.


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