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John Hughes Revisited?

April 15, 2008

So…here are some sample tracks from the musical artist M83 that were recently released from the new album titled Saturdays=Youth. I have a couple of their/his previous CD’s that I really enjoy and this is no exception.
As it goes…I’m currently aware that there is an 80’s throw-back scene going on as of recently… and this album (in my opinion) is the icing on the cake. Aside from the Karate Kid skeleton costume reference,…even the cover art (as you can see) seems as if it were pulled straight from the John Hughes movie cover archives.
M83 is comprised mainly (though with help) of a single musical architect named Anthony Gonzalez. Much (though not all) of his previous work has been instrumental and experimental in sound. This album seems a little different with a twinge of pop and more lyricism injected into many of the albums tracks.

I’ve decided to include two songs for your listening pleasure as…I couldn’t decide which one to post. One has more of the 80’s film soundtrack tone to it… and the other seems more like a “staring at the night sky” kind of sound. If this is your bag…I think you’ll enjoy both. The song titles are listed above each track. Have a listen.

Graveyard Girl
We own the night

Here’s the website for those interested…M83.

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