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Get up, Get going!

March 18, 2008



So, I’ve decided that since I’ve recommended to you some of my music tastes that I prefer to enjoy when I catch myself painting, relaxing, or out traveling,…I will now suggest to you a little taste of music that I find appealing when I need to simply get up and get moving.

As some of you know I’m a big fan of running. Here are some good song examples of music that can really help when you need to get physical (If you’ll pardon any unintended Olivia Newton John or sexual reference). ;- )

The first song is by a band that I came across last year called “The Legends“, the creator of whom is also a member of the group “Acid House Kings”, though musically the bands are quite different, I enjoy both of their sounds. This song is called “Another Sunday” off the album “Facts and Figures“.
The second song is by a seven member band from Nebraska called “Eagle Seagull“. This is a brand new release from their EP “I Hate Ep’s” amusingly called “I’m sorry, but I’m beginning to hate your face“. I found it this morning and promptly put it on the ol’ ipod. Give them a listen. You may find yourself wanting to get up and get out.




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