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The Explorers

February 8, 2008

Every once in a while, Charlie asks me to make up an original story for him as we lie in wait for sleep. One of those times I conjured up this story about these children who inadvertently dig up a hidden “valve” on the shore of a small lake. Upon turning the fore mentioned “valve”, and with it appearing to have no effect on anything whatsoever, the children returned to the same spot the next day to see the lake drained. After a short time exploring, the children find a deep hole with a ladder nestled square in the middle of the lake bed. 
The hole ended up leading to underground caves full of clues to open a large stone door of treasure that was also found under the lake bed.

I wanted to share this picture with you because immediately when I saw it, I was reminded of that story. I remember being young and always wanting to believe that there was hidden treasures or secret worlds all around us if you knew how to find them.
The picture is by a photographer named Jennifer Zwick. I really enjoy her work, it’s unique and subtle. Here’s a link to her site. Have a good day!

Jennifer Zwick Photography

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