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Warm Weather Tunes

January 24, 2008

It’s cold here in Utah! I’m really getting sick of the gray weather. I awoke this morning to gray dense fog and cold, cold air. It makes me long for the days of summer. Everytime I pull into the garage from trudging in the snow, I see my precious longboard… and how it stoically rests awaiting a return to the hot summer streets.

I’ve included in this entry, a song fit for warm weather. It’s by an artist named Richard Hawley and songs name id “Hotel Room”. (fitting for a warm weather vacation yeah?) Give the song a listen as your looking around. If you live in the cold as I do, it will help.

My next artistic endeavor is a large one spanning 8 feet long and 4 feet tall… and on wood non the less. I plan on taking photos of my progress and posting them here for those at all intrested in how it works. I plan on losing myself in my ipod while working and rest assured that I will be listening to warm weather tunes as I work. Gotta keep the spirits up, and the ears attached to the head. You know?

Give a listen.03-hotel-room-richard-hawley.mp3

Can’t you just picture your self on a warm beach with the sun setting. Nice huh? LOL.


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