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January 22, 2008

So, off the subject of art for a second, It has snowed WAY too much this season. I’m getting tired of shoveling, not to mention the cabin fever. I’m really looking forward to spring. Everytime I attempt to brave the cold for a run, I return with my face looking not unlike Jack Nicholsons in The Shining…you know, in the very last scene, when he’s all frozen from getting lost in the hedge maze while he was trying to chase down his family, like that…except without the psychosis.
I got in touch with an old friend recently who happens to be an artist as well. I’m always anxious to come across as the “trying to recapture my youth” guy whenever .
I came across his work while parusing gallery websites in my neck of the woods and there he was. It’s always nice to hear from good friends past.

Anyway, there’s my entry for today.

Ciao all.


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